ImageCategory for Law Schools/Institutes Awards

   Emerging/Upcoming Law School/College/Institute of India/State/Region

   Best Innovative Law School/Institute/University

  Outstanding Contributions to Legal Writing and Education

   Excellent/Best Education Institute in Competition Law.

   Excellent/Best Education Institute in International Commercial Arbitration.

  Excellent/Best Education Institute in Comparative Jurisprudence.

   Best Institute in Maritime Law.

  Excellent/Best One year LLM Programme in Corporate/Financial/Civil/Criminal Areas/Investment Law/IPR etc.

   Excellent/Best Three Year LLB Programme

  Excellent/Best Five Year BA LLB/BBA LLB Programme

  Excellence Masters of Arts (Legal, Diplomacy etc.) Programme

  Excellence/Best Infrastructure in Legal Education Institute

  Best/Excellent Industry Education Interface in Legal Education

  Best/Excellent Placement in Legal Education

  Best/Excellent Legal Library

  Best/Excellent ICT enables Legal Institute

  Any Other Category Which you Like to Suggest



Image Category for Law Book Publishers Award

   Best/Excellent/Outstanding/Premium/Upcoming/Emerging Law Book Author/Publisher of the Year Award

   Best/Excellent/Outstanding/Premium/Upcoming/Emerging Regional Law Book/E-Book/Publisher/Author in different languages

  National/Regional/State Law Book Award 

  Any Other Category Which you Like to Suggest


Image Category for Legal Corporate Awards

   Regulatory Innovation Awards

   Public Service Awards

   Public Interest Awards 

   Excellence in Exporting Legal Services 

   Legal Sector Alliance Award for Excellence in Environmental Responsibility

   Excellence in Business Development & Innovation  

   Excellence in Learning & Development

   Excellence in Marketing & Communications: 

   Law Society Excellence Awards 2014 

  Any Other Category Which you Like to Suggest


Image Category for Individual Awards

   The Legal Personality of the Year 2014

   Legal Business Man/ Woman of the Year 2014

   Junior Lawyer of the Year 2014

   Solicitor/Addll. Solicitor General of the Year 2014

   Solicitor of the Year 2014 - Private Practice

  Any Other Category Which you Like to Suggest


Image Category for Awards for Law Firms

   Legal CSR of the year

   Criminal Law Firm of the Year

   Family Law Firm of the year

   Employment Law Firm of the Year

   Domestic Violence Law Firm of the Year

   Litigation Firm of the Year

   Paralegal Firm of the Year

   Private Client Law Firm of the Year

   Residential Law Firm of the Year

   In House Legal Team of the Year

   High Street Law Firm of the Year

   Legends in the law

   Distinguished Law Firm Writing Awards

  Any Other Category Which you Like to Suggest

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    15 November 2013

    National Punjab Education Awards 2013


    1– Feb- 2013

    National Haryana Education Awards 2013


    01 – Jan- 2014

    5th Sai Sandhya FICCI Auditorium


    7-10 JAN-2014


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